Add More OM Stake

We’ve developed an easy to use interface to make the experience as effortless as possible, so earning daily passive rewards is as easy as just a few clicks of a button!

Access the MANTRA DAO platform at:

Once you have already staked your OM, you are able at any time to add more OM to your staking balance.

  1. From the main staking dashboard click “Stake More”

  1. Enter the amount of OM you want to stake. You may enter your own desired amount or you can choose to stake 25–50–75 or 100 percent of all of your available OM tokens. Once you have selected, click “Next”:

  1. Review that the additional amount of OM you are staking is correct, and click “Stake Now”

  1. In order to process the staking from your web wallet, you must confirm the transaction on your web wallet pop-up (using MetaMask, you will have to click through two confirmation screens)

  2. Once you have confirmed the staking transaction on your web wallet, you have officially staked more OM and will begin enjoying even larger daily passive rewards!